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Paperthin Hymn - Официальный клип и текст песни Anberlin
21.05.2008 14:58

When your only friends
are hotel rooms
Hands are distant lullabies
If I could turn around I would tonight

These roads never seemed so long
Since your paper heart stopped beating
leaving me suddenly alone
Will daybreak ever come?

Who's gonna call on Sunday morning?
Who's gonna drive you home?
I just want one more chance
To put my arms in fragile hands

I thought you said forever
Over and over
A sleepless night
becomes bitter oblivion

These thoughts run through my head
Over and over
Complaints of violins
become my only friends

August evenings
Bring solemn warnings
To remember to kiss the ones
you love goodnight

You never know
what temporal days may bring
Laugh, love, live free and sing
When life is in discord
Praise ye the Lord



#1 11.08.2010 10:53
Я сплю и вижу что попаду на ихний концерт!!!Все,пошла дальше спать.

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