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The Feel Good Drag - Клип и текст песни Anberlin
21.05.2008 15:19

"I'm here for you" she said
and we can stay for awhile,
my boyfriend's gone,
we can just pretend.
Lips that need no introduction
Now who's the greater sin,
Your drab eyes seem to invite
(tell me darling)
Where do we begin.

Was this over before
Before it ever began
Your kiss Your calls Your crutch
Like the devils got your hand
This was over before
Before it ever began
Your lips Your lies Your lust
Like the devils in your hands

Everyone in this town
is seeing somebody else
Everybody's tired of someone
our eyes wander for help
Prayers that need no answer now
I'm tired of who I am
You were my greatest mistake
I fell in love with your sin
Your littlest sin

Failure is your disease
You want my outline drawn
You are my greatest failure
Discourse your saving song

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